Climate Thinking

Climate Thinking was initiated in 2019 as a project by Felix Böhm, Paul Reszke, Murat Sezi and me. In 2020, it was established as a teaching and research focus of the Department of Humanities at the University of Kassel. Climate Thinking has existed as an IAG (Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe, Interdisciplinary Work Group) since 2022. Currently, 17 PhD students and post-docs work in the IAG of the graduate project.


We understand the constant expansion and complementation of our methodological inventory as a necessary process in order to make those interconnections of thinking and living habits accessible that constitute the problem complexes of climate crisis and sustainability in their overall social embedding.


Our focus is on the development of transdisciplinary approaches to cultural and social contexts in which the problem complexes of climate crisis and sustainability are talked about, narrated and thought about.


In our research, we develop critical approaches to these problem complexes, anchor our questions and methodologies in academic teaching and discuss our processes together with the public in order to reflect and expand them.


Our approaches to date include discourse linguistics, epistemology, cultural anthropology, media linguistics, ecofeminism, post-colonial studies, science and technology studies, language didactics, environmental ethics, environmental history, history and philosophy of science.

More to come...


Image: Climate Thinking is currently part of the exhibition Wissensspeicher (University Kassel), accompanying documenta fifteen.